FS: M-audio revolution , Lian Li PC70 , Gigabyte K8N Pro


Man of Silicon
Jan 17, 2001
m-audio revolution *SOLD*
- perfect condition
- used for a few months, not needed because the new shuttle has good enough sound
- original box and manual
- best soundcard for under $100? I think so
$75 shipped

GigaByte K8N Pro
- Great, solid, fast A64 board
- nForce3 150 chipset, gigabit ethernet, SATA
- perfect condition
- overclocks extremely well, hit up to 360MHz HTT bus speed
- retail box with all the goodies, except for some stickers

Lian-Li PC70 with light modifications*SOLD*
- Silver all aluminum case
- original box. box banged up thanks to ups though
- no significant scratching to aluminum
- short one 5.25" bay cover. the last one has been modded to be a 'stealth' mod for a drive. You can have it and attach it to your own drive if you'd like
- comes with orignal screws and stuff, IO shield
- mod wise its got...
-- 120mm blowhole on top, centered, with whirlwind grille
-- 120mm blowhole on right (from front) side panel, near top. both holes were made for the watercooling rad. the rad/shroud/fan mounted directly to the top hole, and the side hole drew cold air in right below the rad
-- center of one of the top fan openings (left empty stock) drilled out so 1/2" hose fits through
-- grillework on back lower section partially removed, to fit pump relay switch kit outlet
-- both of the blowholes come with the "chrome fans" made by AOC. they were purchased from cooltechnica. depending on which site you ask, they are ~80cfm at ~33dba. awesome fans
- I imagine you will want pics, so name what you want pics of, and i'll put them up
$110 + shipping from 19464. or pick it up for no shipping charge. Pottstown, PA

payment by paypal, regular or cc, or MO
heatware under supaman
email dbenelli@comcast.net
aim talshiar116
Awesome price on the case ... piccies:

Pics of the modded blowholes, angled front pic, and one with side off ?








i have a dtek white water, chevette heater core with shroud and 120 fan, and modded eheim that i will trade in all for your Lian Li.
sorry, actually it just sold. just the motherboard is left. want that? :) plz?
Sure if you include a CPU to go with it. Other than that I have no use for it, sorry. *bump*