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    Selling a few things. Had some emergency family bills come up so any purchases are appreciated. If we have any Twitch/Mixer streamers here, you guys might find some of this stuff right up your alley. Long story short I spent a lot of 2019 trying to fine tune my twitch setup, and I finally found something that legitly rocks for me, so it’s time to get rid of the extra to you guys at a decent price.

    I accept paypal F&F. All prices are WITHOUT shipping unless stated. Prices are what I prefer I get in my pocket so if you want to supply your own shipping I am completely fine with that. Items are first come first serve unless we have done business before, then I will of course hold it for you.

    Some of you guys might be looking for items great for streaming, because of that I will give an honest personal assessment about the items from a streamers perspective. This could also be helpful for buyers in general. While I would like the sell the items, I rather sell it to someone who wants to use it . I hope this helps.

    Will post pictures if requested.

    Feedback Info -
    Heatware - https://www.heatware.com/u/16488/to
    Ebay - https://www.ebay.com/usr/fractalcanvas

    PC Related -
    Asrock A300 SFF system – 2400G, 8 gigs DDR4, 256 Gig SSD, 1TB HDD, Wifi -$300

    If you guys haven’t had a chance to see the A300 mini desktops, you will be really impressed by this system. It’s basically the size of a normal sized power supply, but it’s a complete unit that actually does decent 720/1080p gaming. I prefer to sell it as a whole unit but I am willing to piece it it out. Comes with a 2400g with the Wraith Stealth cooler. There’s a 256 gig NVME drive on it, 8 gigs of DDR4 (2 sodimms), the optional wifi module, and also a Toshiba 1tb HDD for storage. Only strike against it is if you want a dead quiet system you will need to replace the wraith stealth. It’s not really loud, but it is noticeable if it’s the ONLY sound source in the room. The system actually does 720p twitch encoding on fast btw.

    Evga Geforce 1660 - $160

    This is the 3 slot version. Purchased just for the new NVENC encoder, and ironically found out that it’s not a good thing to use in my setup as I have multiple input sources (Those who don’t know, NVENC does not play well with more than one input source).

    Asus Geforce RTX 2070 - $400

    Purchased from Kyle. This is the 3 fan Strix model. Card only, no box. Will come in protective shipping. Works wonderfully. Just way to large to fit in my ITX case so please make sure check out the dimensions in the link above.

    Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Founders Edition- $480
    Comes with the box – I’m keeping either this or the Asus. So whatever sells first.

    AOC C32G1 32” Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor – 1080p Freesync 144hz Monitor - $180


    Solid gaming monitor. Comes in box with all accessories. Will ship in the box so I will require signature shipping.

    HDMI Capture Device-

    Avermedia Live Gamer 2k - $85

    Got an upgrade so it’s time to sell this card. If you are looking for a solid 1080p60fps capture card you would love this one. It’s very solidly built and has been a pleasure to use. When it comes to capture, the quality is right on part with my El Gato HD60pro. It does have analog input and output for audio, which is something that the El Gato does not have…but to be honest I’ve NEVER used it. The only thing it doesn’t do that the El Gato HD60pro does is convert to Low Profile. Comes with box, analog audio cable, and an hdmi cable.

    Avermedia Live Gamer 4k - $180

    Really bad ass capture card. Has been OUTSTANDING as a passthrough for my gsync system running 1440p at 144hz. Does HDR and stuff, but I haven’t used that feature. I was able to pick up the El Gato 4k pro so gonna try to sell this one. I’ve been very impressed with this card cause it just works and it looks great.

    MiraBox 1080p Hdmi Capture - $80

    A great alternative to the El Gato HD60. This is USB3.0 hdmi capture device that I’ve been using for our Nintendo Switch and SLR cameras. The image quality is great. The only issue’s I don’t like is it gets really warm (not scorching, but noticeably warm), and also that the USB 3.0 cable is a male to male so you probably won’t find a replacement in your cord drawer.

    USB3.0 HDMI Capture Device – Camlink Knockoff - $45

    Sound Capture or related-

    HyperX Cloud Flight Headset - $70

    Headset only (with receiver, mic, and USB charge cable). Works great but I prefer using my Sennheiser for now (though it’s not wireless). Has the firmware update so the sound volume is even better than normal.

    Samson Gtrack PRO with Spider Mount - $90

    INCREDIBLE Microphone. Only selling cause I have 2 of them. I consider this the best USB microphone you can get. Extremely solid build and outstanding recording quality.

    Blue Yeti Mic with Shock Mount - $70

    I purchased this in the Yeticaster set and it works. I prefer the Samson above as the Blue Yeti has a more tinny sound over the rich deepness. This unit is only the mic (not the stand btw) and the shock mount. USB cable also. Great for someone who already has their own scissor stand arm.

    USB Condenser Mic - $15
    Actually a pretty cool mic. Doesn’t have the solid depth of other USB condenser mics like the Blue Yeti or the Samson, but it’s better than nothing. The only thing that I don’t care for is there’s no mute button on it which limited use of it for things like the ps4. If you are using it for streaming in something like OBS it would work great as OBS has a software mute on it. Comes with just the mic, shock mount, and xlr to usb cable. DOES NOT come with the Pop filter and mount arm.


    Corsair K70 Keyboard - $60
    Clicky Mechnical keyboard. It uses 2 usb slots which isn't a bad thing if they didn't make it a thick USB, so putting them side by side can be annoying. WOrks great otherwise though. Blue LEDs.
    Ryzen Wraith Cooler - $10
    Just the stock cooler.
    Logitech Anywhere MX2 – $30

    Pretty decent mouse (though the Bluetooth portion I’m not a fan of only because of how Bluetooth works).

    SteelSeries Rival 310 gaming Mouse - $15

    Dierya RGB Mechanical Keytboard 63 Keys Wireless Mechanical - $30

    Full honesty. It works. BUT I HATE HATE HATE Bluetooth keyboards and how they are wirelessly. What I mean about that is this keyboard hits a sleep state fairly quickly unless it’s directly plugged in. So your initial typing might not show up as it has to wake up the keyboard. Otherwise this low profile keyboard is great!

    Netgear PL1000 Powerline Adapter - $20
    Pretty much never used. Inbox and good to go. PL adapters are better than WIFI imho.


    4x Insignia NS-CSPGASP2 Google Home Portable Speaker/Alarm Clock - $120 for all or $40 each.

    Portable speakers that sound great and can actually be paired as a stereo unit! They all have a battery, but they also plug in and can be used as basic clock with Google Home compatibility. We have a bunch of these so these 4 are just sitting there. Looking for a great home.
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    Great price on that RTX 2080 FE. That's less $ than a 2070 Super.
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    Bump bump. If anyone would like to ask any questions about the items in person, just check out my twitch at my very same name for the forum. Feel free to ask about any of the items and I'll give you an honest answer about it.

    Also moving some items to Ebay soon if no interest as I need to get some of these payments done.
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