Fs lian li sp750 psu, Noctua ghost edition cooler, Louqe s1 Mk3


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Nov 5, 2005
Parting out my white Louqe Ghost S1 system. All 3 parts must me purchased together.
Arctic Ghost S1 case with preinstalled gen 4 riser card. Also has the copper grille installed.. Very good condition. There were only used a month at best.
Noctua NH-L12 ghost s1 edition cooler.. in original box with am4 and intel mounting hardware. This model does not come with the 1700 hardware but can be purchased from Noctua.
Case and cooler must be purchased together. $125 shipped lower 48

Lian Li SP750 itx power supply. All cables included. $90 shipped lower 48

Buy all 3 for $old

PayPal friends and family accepted.
I ship only to the lower 48.
I can get this shipped out next working day.
Buyer pays 1/2 shipping for all items.
Heatware 220-0


PowerColor 6900xt reference model. $525
Asus Strix x570i must be purchased with the cpu
Ryzen 5800x3d must be purchased with the mobo.
32gb ddr4 3200 G.Skill Tridents Z Royal CL14
White Lian Li SP750 itx power supply. In original box with all white cables. This was only used about 2-3 months.$old locally

MSI Gaming X Trio. Purchased the From Newegg in the Newegg shuffle on 1/27/21. Been in my sons gaming pc since. NOT mined. Great card. Very clean. I can provide the invoice if anyone needs it.

Itx combo. Includes Gigabyte z690i ddr4 ultra lite motherboard, intel 12700kf, 1tb Samsung 980 nvme. No os. Pulled from my working system. $old shipped lower 48 for all 3. Comes with the gigabyte antenna as well. Missing one screw from the NVMe cover as seen in the pic. Works perfect. System was extremely solid for me.

Gigabyte gen 4 1tb nvme. Fast drive. Used as a game drive and works great. Sold

1tb Samsung 860 Evo ssd. Used as a game drive. Excellent condition. $old shipped lower 48

Cooler Master Illusion white 240mm aio. Rad, fans, and intel 1700/am4 mounting brackets included. Ships in the original box. Did a great job with the 12700kf. $40 plus shipping.

PayPal friends and family accepted.
I ship only to the lower 48.


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Bump for you.........do you have a copy of the original invoice?
Can you use anything in partial trade to lower the cash out? Starting my Christmas Shopping early :)
Wish I had the cash. Been dreaming of that card exactly. Um, would you take a kidney in partial trade ???
Haha. I do have the receipt as I bought it from the egg.
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Gonna build in a ghost in the next few weeks. Quality case and the top hat doesn't add much height.