FS : Laptop - Acer Nitro 5 w/1050ti, $20 Android devices, DDR3 ECC dimms


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Nov 7, 2005
For sale =

2/28 - need to move this guy I got other stuff to deal with. $300 or $325 shipped.
2/28 - also update - I will entertain any offers on the ECC DDR3 at this point. Just rotting in my closet, might as well find a happy home.

2/28 (price drop) :
Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53 15.6" 1080p IPS laptop $325 SHIPPED (pics attached) or $300 if you want to provide a shipping label.
15.6" 1080p IPS
Intel i5-8300H 4c/8t
16gb DDR4 dual channel RAM
Geforce gtx1050 TI 4gb
256gb onboard NVME
500gb SATA SSD
Backlit red keyboard

Left side = SD card, HDMI, USB3 C+A, gig ethernet port, kensington lock
Right side = 3.5mm headset jack, 2 x USB A, power socket

Comes with AC Adapter 120/240v 7.1a

This has been our personal gamer laptop for the last 4ish years. The GTX 1050ti is a good 720p hi / 1080p low gaming GPU. I upgraded the ram to 16gb and added an extra 500gb sata drive, the expansion panel is easy to access on bottom with dimm slots and sata port for easy upgrades. The unit is in good condition with only minor blemishes from normal use. The screen is in good condition, no scratches, gets plenty bright. The battery seems fine, I played a 1080p movie on full brightness on battery TWICE with speakers and power leftover (Cabin in the woods! LOL). I won't lie, when under load the fans can ramp up and it's not silent. But when using headphones I never noticed it.

Cleaned it up real nice and wiped the drives, fresh install of Win 10 Home 22H2 and latest Geforce drivers.

Please let me know if any questions, feel free to make an offer. It'll ship UPS ground super well packed to lower 48.

I do not have original box, all it comes with is the laptop and the AC adapter. It's a big boy, better suited for desktop gaming over travel.

2/24 Samsung T5 1TB external USB SSD drive = SOLD

Update 1/31 = got some phones and a tablet ready for sale too! All these are in very good condition and work fine. Minor/very light scratches due to normal use. Screens are intact no cracks. These are older and probably can't be upgraded, but doesn't mean worthless. I cleaned them all, did factory resets, and fully charged. Left them on for a couple days and still power on with plenty of battery left (they are turning themselves off since they are not activated, point being is the batteries work and hold charge). Maybe the Galaxy can be unlocked from T-MO, not certain. The Moto came "unlocked" from Amazon, I assume this to mean it will work on T-MO/AT&T and the like, I do not think Amazon account is required anymore. The Fire tablet requires an Amazon account.

Just a thought, but since the phones are T-MO, probably great candidates for el cheapo Mint Mobile options!

$20 each:

Samsung Galaxy 6 4G LTE 5.1" display (t-mobile) *NO SIM*
: android 7 : 3gb ram, 32gb storage : protective case, AC adapter, power cord. The protective case is slightly discolored but still fits fine.

Motorola G5 Plus 4G *SOLD*

Amazon Fire HD 8 (6th gen) tablet 8" display (amazon)
: 12gb storage : blue flip stand protective case, AC adapter, power cord

UPDATE 1/7/23 = I was digging through the closet and found an entire box of ram long forgotten. It's older DDR3 ECC stuff, so probably not much interest anymore. But hey if anyone can use it I will sell it cheap. They were all fully functional before they got pulled, but these will be sold AS-IS.

qty 24 Samsung 4GB 4rx8 pc3-8500R (pn m393b5173fhd-cf8, from the random 3 I pulled from the pile). I would take $35 (96gb) for the entire stack + shipping
qty 4 Samsung 2GB 2rx8 pc3-8500E (pn m391b5673eh1-cg8) = 8gb = $10 shipped
qty 2 Samsung 2GB 1rx8 pc3-10600e (pnm391b577ch0-ch9) = 4gb = $6 shipped
qty 2 Hynix 4GB 2r4 pc3-8500r (pn hmt151r7bfr4c-g7) = 8gb = $10 shipped

My Heatware is "Burticus".
Preferred payment method is Paypal. I prefer F&F, but if you want to go the regular Paypal method I would appreciate it if the buyer would cover the Paypal fee (I think it's 3%)

Preferred shipping method is USPS Priority mail. If you want more than the $100 default insurance, usually extra $3-4 per $100. UPS is also an option but they are not cheap.

Feel free to ask any questions. Sorry, but I do not know which motherboards these will work with outside of rack servers. Google is your friend.


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Mar 22, 2015
According to Dataram's spec sheets on the 68116, the chips are 'Samsung 2Gbx4 DDR4-2400 SDRAMs'. (y)

Would you consider bulk discounts? I'm specifically wanting 24x sk hynix 2400t for my R630.
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Oct 14, 2008
Depending how many you have left, have you posted on r/homelabsales? They'd be gone in an hour at that price.

I'd buy more but 96GB was enough for my use, and you forced me into 384GB :p


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Nov 7, 2005
Depending how many you have left, have you posted on r/homelabsales? They'd be gone in an hour at that price.

I'd buy more but 96GB was enough for my use, and you forced me into 384GB :p

Tuesday bump, PMs sent.

Yeah some others have suggested I check out that reddit forum and also servethehome .... but I enjoy buying and selling here in our H community with little worry of being scammed. If I wanted to unload it all quickly I just sell this stuff on ebay (scammer central). Besides it is moving out at a decent rate, I'm not complaining.