FS: Intel HEDT X99 Combo, Seasonic 850W, Silverstone mATX cube case, ArcadeFightStick, more!

I'm afraid that I wanted to keep away from the Killlswitch V1 as I have concerns with its magnet and lack of other compatible gadgets, but as far as the CPU I could sell it a la carte if I could find buyers for the other pieces of the combo (or at least the mobo)!

Up we go and edits, now Steam Deck 512GB for sale!
It's been More than two years since these were listed though...
It's been More than two years since these were listed though...
In addition to simply editing my post and adding or removing entries, I them listed elsewhere (often for more money ; I've been around here long enough that being able to deal with generally reliable Heatware users on [H] is greatly preferable over many other sites, to say nothing about shopping sites taking significant cuts) and about once a month I get a couple of requests to purchase several items (the X99 combo, Arcade Stick, PSU etc) on other sites. These tend to either end up petering out for lack of continued contact, or they do something shifty (any manner of "oh I just overpaid you by a lot, please refund me and then send the thing oh you can also keep some extra because you're a good sport " seems like a scam in the works when they're very unhappy or vanish if you refund them the whole amount and ask them to please just send the proper amount this time, for instance).

Since the X99 platform has been in use I didn't want to have to go through the final decommissioning for just one piece or the other, but I admit I've not put it up on as many sites as I probablty should (I've kept away from ebay, but the mobo seems to be listed/sell there with regularity etc). If I could find individuals here who all wanted different parts of it, I'd be happy to split it up but I grant a percentage of this is just my laziness with updating. I really need to get the pics in order - some of the other places I list things require very short tenure for a timestamp and its a pain.

Edit: Black friday week/end sales, shipping removed even on heavier items!