FS: Intel HEDT X99 Combo, Seasonic 850W, Silverstone mATX cube case, ArcadeFightStick, more!


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Jun 9, 2003
Hello everyone! Starting a new thread here for FS/WTB/WTTF.

Info: Heatware https://www.heatware.com/u/17974/to - and email is ranceDOTjusticeATgmailDOTcom (slightly masked in order to deter automated harvest bots; replace the caps with the proper symbol).
Shipping: Unless mentioned otherwise, shipping is included via USPS (often Priority Mail). Other shipping options are available at cost.
Payment: I accept PayPal, Google Pay, Zelle, and cryptocurrencies ( XMR, BTC, or ETH preferable), as well as local cash..

For Sale:

Steam Deck 512GB NVME SSD model -
$325 - Lightly used and in great condition, this Steam Deck is the 512GB SSD model that comes with extras vs the 256gb SSD and 64gb eMMC models. These include the speediest and largest of OEM NVME SSDs, a display with an enhanced etched glass finish offering an anti-glare display, a special edition carrying case that has a light gray/white interior and color Steam Deck icon on the outside, a mesh carrying bag to hold the included USB-C AC adapter, and a few other changes vs the lower models. SOLD

MadCatz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition (TE) , (X360 / Xinput model) - $100 + shipping - Using genuine Sanwa Denshii Japanese parts including both lever and buttons and design and layout reminiscent of the Taito Vewlix arcade cabinet, this is a great stick for all sorts of fighting games or classic arcade play. Official X360 support makes it compatible on PC as well, with native XInput support. Extra features including a 3.5mm headphone jack, utility button/settings like toggles and locks, storage compartment for the USB cable, and easy-to-change custom artwork support. Comes with official display box! NOTE: This model is well supported by JasensCustoms mods for new layouts (both stick and stickless of varying types ) and an EZMOD for replacing the default PCB with an aftermarket Brook PCB, giving modern console compatibility and other advanced features.

Asus Xonar DX 7.1 24bit PCI-E Sound card - $50 - An excellent, affordable upgrade to most onboard audio. Note this is not the DGX or DSX, which are both "lower" tier products in comparison. Supported natively in Linux too!

HighPoint RocketRAID PCI-E cards, model 620 (2 port), and 640 (4 port) - $30 and $50 respectively, both for $70 - Need some extra (internal) SATA ports or want to set up hardware RAID 0, 1, 5 etc? These cards will take care of it - both Linux and Windows compatible.

Silverstone Sugo SG01 (silver) mATX PC case w/ Silverstone LCD fan controller + FREE Corsair HX620 PSU! - $125 + shipping - Aluminum mATX "cube/toaster" style case with 2 5.25" bays in front. Also includes a Silverstone LCD fan controller / temperature monitor and additional 80mm fans mounted for top ventilation. Offers 5.25 (external) and 3.5" (internal) bays for HDD or device mounting and can fit a full size GPU . Great for fans of older case designs or for a compact mATX or mITX build with room for components; ran as a mini NAS and a network appliance at one time! Also including a Corsair HX 620w PSU (comes with official cable kit) FREE on account of it being an older model. In my experience it has run perfectly and I have one of the same model in another system that has run well over 10 years flawlessly!

Seasonic Focus+ 850W Gold PSU ; NEW in box - $120- Picked it up for a build that ended up not happening, still new in box. Fully modular.

Intel 5960X Extreme Edition (8c/16t) Socket 2011-3 CPU - Combo, see below - For those looking to upgrade a Socket 2011-3 HEDT , here's one hell of an Intel extreme edition chip! Ran overclocked to all-core turbo of up to 4.5ghz on AIO 360mm liquid, but spent most of its time at 4.4/4.3. Never attempted to push it farther, but it can probably hit higher.

Asus ROG Rampage V Edition 10 X99 mobo - Combo, see below - The premiere overclocking and enthusiast X99 motherboard, this RVE10 will be the core of your platform. Tons of features, RGB lighting (or turned off, if you prefer. Asus Aura API compatible, but also controllable directly from BIOS/UEFI) , and overclocking-friendly settings. Comes with original box and most accessories including the stand-alone front-bay DAC/headphone amp unit!

Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16gb (4x 4gb) quad channel kit, CL16 2666mhz - Combo, see below - A solid quad channel kit , capable of being overclocked to 3000/3200mhz. Excellent for gaming, pro-sumer, or other usage, and the mobo above has 4 more slots free if you need to expand

Intel HEDT X99 Combo / above CPU, Mobo, RAM - $300 + shipping - Pick up a ready to go Haswell-E X99 HEDT kit at savings and get a CPU cooler too! Note: I'd prefer to sell the combo together, but I can part out if there are those interested in multiple items.

Corsair H150i RGB Pro 360mm AIO CPU Cooler - $80 , or discounted with above combo! - Reliable Corsair AIO cooler, capable of OCing the 5960X listed above - comes with Intel multi-socket mounting hardware (1150, 1151,1155,1156, 2011, 2011-3, 2066 all native, apparently LGA1700 requires an adapter kit) but Corsair offers bracket retention for AMD AM2+/AM3/AM4/AM5, Threadripper sTR4 as well. Corsair mag-lev ML120 fans included, along with RGB edged CPU block.

ADV NSMO 3-driver earbuds w/ boom mic - $30 - Gaming focused earbuds, comes with TRRS 3.5mm single plug, in-line mute/volume, split 3.5 mic/headphone PC style adapter, removable boom mic, and assortment of eartips in silicone or memory foam.

Logitech MX310 optical mouse - $25 - Dependable multi-use 5 button optical mouse.

SteelSeries Sensei Laser mouse - $40 - For those who prefer the now rare laser sensors, this is one of the great ones. Even better, it has a little LCD on the bottom of the mouse allowing you to fully customize it without any software. Responsive 8 buttons, ambidextrous

Want To Buy/Trade For:

GPUs, AMD RDNA3 or perhaps RDNA2 -

DBrand "Killswitch" case system for Steam Deck -
Preferably the V2 model that does NOT have a magnetic kickstand mount (which had negative effects on certain Deck fan models), but instead attaches mechanically. The "base" model comes with the Case, Kickstand, and Skin , but I'd greatly appreciate one that came with optional upgrades like the Travel Cover, Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Dock Adapter Kit, or others.

Star Citzen Promotion qualified, Intel Optane 900P series, 2018 purchase or previous - PM me for details; it need either have an unused coupon code in the box (which may or may not have some sort of SC branding on it) or failing that, you can contact Intel to validate that it was purchased at the correct time via SKU.

VKB flight sim peripherals / VKB = Gunfighter MK3 or MK4 base, MCG Ultimate w/ Twist grip, Kosmosima SCG Premium Left grip, Omnithrottle adapter, STECS Standard / Max throttle, - Flight/space sim gear currently going through an upgrade will have more detail later on newly desirable items.

CaseLabs Mercury S8 pedestal, components in white or black - particularly interested in the S8's lower left chamber side 360mm rad mount and HDD cage (which I believe are unique to the S8; the side rad mount definitely is) as well as the pedestal itself (obviously exclusively made for the S8) and stuff for use within it ( HDD cages, pump, PSU, and radiator mounts etc. Not exclusive). Also open to FlexBay items.

Black Friday special - Shipping included even on heavy items (US, continental)!
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Up we go again! Most interested in a Gskill 32GB Trident Z Neo / Royal kit at 3600mhz+, CL16 or better; BDie preferable but not required!
I might have some memory for sale, I’ll check today and get back to you.
Up we go! Thanks for the idea on the Dominator but I had already ordered a kit of Gskill TridentZ Neo (B-die CL16!) by your post.
Bump! Looking for a few more things

SSD - Durable and dependable, 1TB or more preferred.
CPU Coolers - Either a Thermalright PS120SE ARGB or perhaps an Arctic Freezer II 240/360mm
What can you do for the 5960x? I have an x99 server that could use it. I have a v1 Killswitch case that they replaced with a v2 that you can have if you'll sell that CPU 😜
I'm afraid that I wanted to keep away from the Killlswitch V1 as I have concerns with its magnet and lack of other compatible gadgets, but as far as the CPU I could sell it a la carte if I could find buyers for the other pieces of the combo (or at least the mobo)!

Up we go and edits, now Steam Deck 512GB for sale!