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Jul 1, 2011
Hey guys, I decided to part out my rig couple of days ago and hence this for sale thread :D Going to buy a car then build another one right after! I have a lot of high end parts and everything is in mint condition and I do have original packaging left for mostly everything EXCEPT ssd drives and optical drives. I am only willing to ship to U.S 48 and only accept paypal. I will not accept any shipments back due to incompatibility so know what you guys are buying. Prices that are listed are shipped prices :D Please no trades and no low balling. Bump if you looked ;)

1. CPU: I7 980x Extreme Processor Chip, was OC to 4.15 GHZ on 1.247 Vcore, if you guys know anything about 980x chips this is a golden chip. I have never abused it and have never been stupid with it. The chip was under water and has never reached reached 75C after 12 hours on prime... Really high end chip that still retails over a thousand dollars, even with the new 990x out.
Price is 630 shipped, I will ship with original UNUSED heat sink and packaging, also I will include AS5 cpu tim, one of the best out there for FREE.




2. Samsung Solid State Drive: 128 GB Samsung Solid State Drive, had never been dropped, or anything done with it. Sat in Corsair 800D full tower case and was cooled off by two 120 mm fans :D Price is 160 Shipped, this is 60 off retail value, do have original packaging with model number, serial number, and upc code. *PENDING*

3. 2x GTX 580's EVGA Superclocked *SOLD*.

4. Corsair AX1200, Corsair's flagship PSU, one of the best psu's in the world. *SOLD*
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139014&Tpk=corsair ax1200

5. EVGA FTW3 Motherboard: Still one of the most highly regarded to motherboards, it's proven itself multiple times and is well known. I am asking 180 shipped.

6.Corsair Dominator Ram 1600 with High Airflow Brackets, 2 of them. I am asking 275 shipped. I have two of these kits, 24 gb total. Retails at about 330.



7.HT Omega Claro sound card, 7.1 surround sound, pci interface. 105 shipped


8. Corsair Obsidian 800D Full Tower Case, there is one minor scratch on the side (not glass side, cable managment side) and I will ship it with those lights included for FREE: 230 Shipped






9.H70 Pre-filled liquid cooling kit, great kit and definitely does the job. Comes with two push-pull fans. Very happy with it. 60 shipped. (will cost about 10 to ship it) *Sold*

Thanks guys, I don't have heatware as I have never heard about it before joining this forum. If you have any questions don't be hesitant to shoot me an email, and I will reply as soon as I can. :D
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