FS/FT/WTB Game Titles

Mar 15, 2002
All games are for PC and have their cases with cd keys. I'm looking to sell but my main reason of doing this is because I just accidentally nuked my Fallout 3 DVD. I was destroying some burnt discs in the trusty microwave and my FO3 DVD just happen to be in the pile by mistake. The buyer will have to pay for shipping and if you buy in quantity we can work out a deal I'm sure. Fallout 3 is the only title I'm interested in buying or trading for. Thanks and happy hunting.

Gears of War $5
Far Cry $5
Doom 3 $5
Final Fantasy XI with Rise of the Zifart expansion $5
Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter $5
Star Wars Battlefront $4
NBA Live 06 $4
Call of Duty 2 $4
Ever Quest II $4
Quake 4 $4
Ture Crime Streets of LA $3
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow $3
Ghost Recon Island Thunder $3
Call of Duty United Offensive $3
Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood $3
MOH Spearhead Expansion Pack $3
Solider of Fortune II $3
Ghost Recon Desert Siege $3
GTA Vice City $3
Ghost Recon $3
Splinter Cell Stealth Action Redifined $3
Hit Man I & II $3
Rainbow Six Raven Shield $3
Call of Duty $3
MOH Allied Assault $2
Battlefield 2 Special Forces Expansion Pack $2
Star Wars Jedi Knight II $2