FS/FT: Ryzen 7700x. i5-12600k and 12600 non-k


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Aug 15, 2005
Paypal only. Let me know if you prefer to pay with buyer protection.
Local pickup for Portland Oregon

Only trades I am interested in are Ampere or RDNA 2 graphics cards. I'm not trying hard for a trade. But, do mention it, if you want.

Photos attached to this post


Lightly used i5-12600 - $150 shipped

this CPU has AVX-512. ( AVX512 is YMMV depending upon your motherboard and bios)
**I prefer not to ship the retail box. If you want the box and/or the intel stock cooler, we will have to talk about shipping costs.

Used i5-12600k - $190 shipped this CPU has AVX-512 ( AVX512 is YMMV depending upon your motherboard and bios). This CPU will not ship in a retail box.
Pulled from a working build I did for some kids. I upgraded them to a 12700k and doubled their RAM to 32 ;)

Lightly used/Near New Ryzen 7700x. Includes a black Thermalright AM5 Secure Frame. $270 shipped. (I prefer not to ship the retail box. If you want it, we will have to talk about shipping cost).
This has only been used with the Thermalright Secure Frame, which is included. This means, there are no marks/scratches from the stock mounting system. Additionally, thermal grease has never even been used on this CPU. I only used a graphite cooling pad from IC Diamond. CPU was only lightly used, for a few days, in two different ITX motherboards. This CPU worked well with Curve Optimizer, similar to Optimum Tech's video on youtube for 7700x.



AMD Reference 6700 XT. $415 shipped. Pics attached below.

This is a great card, which AMD doesn't make anymore. Clean and Compact. Good temps. Great noise level from the fans. The heatsink is a vapor chamber--- you can put these in a vertical case, with no temperature penalty. Most cards use heat-pipes instead of a vapor chamber. Heat-pipes are often affected by vertical mounting.

New/unopened and sealed, EVGA RTX 3050 XC Gaming (picture attached)
Purchase for $345 shipped.
Trades: I am interested in 11 or 12 series Intel CPUs. 6+ cores, only. I am not interested in hearing about trades for anything else.

I purchased this GPU from Newegg for $330. it is unopened and sealed.

EVGA offers warranty to 2nd hand purchasers.

MSI 1660 Ti Gaming X Twin Frozr 7 (new/open-box) $350 shipped
This GPU has never been used or even installed. I got it here a few months ago in a trade for a CPU.
* see attached pics


*SOLD* New GIGABYTE Z690I AORUS Ultra Plus D4 (ITX) - $270 shipped (paypal friends and family payment)
Or you can combo it with the i5-12600 for $460.

With 12600k for $490

both CPUs have AVX-512

This is an ITX board. Z690 chipset. DDR4 memory. This is not the DDR5 version.

The first version of this board, GIGABYTE Z690I AORUS ULTRA DDR4, was recalled. The board for sale here is what I received as a replacement, direct from Gigabyte. It has GIGABYTE Z690I AORUS Ultra Plus printed on the board, to confirm it is the new version. Users on Reddit have confirmed that this new version board does not have the problems which caused the recall.
Additionally, this new version includes the new Wi-Fi 6E AX411 wireless/bluetooth chip from Intel.

It is brand new. The box was not sealed. I opened the box to confirm it is the new version board. The static bag is still sealed with tape. All accessories are included and still sealed, where applicable.

i7-11700 non-K (with UHD 750 XE IGPU) + Asrock H570 H570M-ITX/ac ------ $405 shipped (no longer for trade).
I have only had this CPU since May 11th. Its a really punchy little thing. I'm only getting rid of it, because I need more cores for some projects.

With the boost/power limits opened up and 3600mhz CL16 RAM set at command rate 1 in Gear 1 memory mode: it gets 14300 in Cinibench R23 multicore. That's about 2000 points higher than the i7-10700F in this same motherboard, with the same RAM set to 4000MHZ (and the 10700F does 4.6Ghz all core, whereas the 11700 is 4.4Ghz). As I said, this thing is pretty punchy and IMO, a value leader.

The motherboard has been great. Its got everything you need. USB-C Gen 2x2 for 20Gbps and a USB-C 10Gbps front panel header. enough USB ports. two LAN ports. 8 layer Glass fabric PCB. Excellent at RAM overclocking. 8 Power stages and VRM seem decent. I never experienced throttling or worrying temps in a Sliger S610 13.3 liter case. Power and turbo limits are fully adjustable, unlike some B560 boards. Large heatsink for the NVME drives. Both drives go up front, which is good IMO. PCI-E 4.0 for one NVME and for the Graphics slot. Asrock has supported this board really well with bios updates. Supports resizeable bar. Board layout is good. About the only obvious cost cutting measure is the no frills audio.

I upgraded the Wifi from Intel AC to Intel Wifi 6 AX200

* motherboard will include manual, backplate, and two wifi antennae.

Asus ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING ---- $165 shipped

Includes virtually all accessories

The motherboard is nice. good VRM. Enough USB.
USB-C on rear panel and a front panel header. Separate, Dedicated USB-C audio output on rear panel for headphones/AMP/DAC/Receiver. Sound with headphones from the rear panel is surprisingly good. Includes virtually all accessories. I have never used the rear panel I/O shield. Its still sealed. The one quirk with this board is that I had to change AHCI Link Power Management to "DIPM" mode, to keep the SSDs from timing out. I've had both an 5950x and 3900x in this board and I didn't have that issue with the 5950x. But I also had different SSD, at that time.


Ryzen 3900x
$320 shipped no fee paymentn. $333 with fees.

3900x works great, no issues, performance you expect from a 3900x. superficial marks on the IHS from installing a couple of different coolers. Has spent most of its life under an EK 240mm AIO with Bequiet fans, in a Sliger S610 case.


i9-11900K Rocket Lake. (see last post for pics) $400 shipped

Ryzen 5950x ---- $750 shipped

i7-10700F --- $225 shipped
** I have an un-used stock cooler available for this which I will include for free, if you want it. But it will likely increase shipping cost a little bit.

i7-8700 non-K ---- $144 shipped

i5-10500 ----- $140 (buyer pays shipping)

i7-9700 non-K ----- $185 (buyer pays shipping)
i7-9700 non-K ----- $185 (buyer pays shipping)
i7-8700 non-K ----- $140 (buyer pays shipping)

i7-9700 non-K ----- $185 (buyer pays shipping)
i7-8700 non-K ----- $140 (buyer pays shipping)
i7-8700 non-K ----- $140 (buyer pays shipping)

i7-9700 non-K ----- $185 (buyer pays shipping)
i7-9700 non-K ----- $185 (buyer pays shipping)

i5-10500 ----- $140 (buyer pays shipping)
i5-10500 ----- $140 (buyer pays shipping)

i5-6500T ----- $70 shipped
i5-6500T ----- $70 shipped

i5-6500 ----- $70 shipped
RAM (buyer pays shipping for all RAM in this posting) (RAM will come in an anti-static bag)

Corsair Gaming Memory DDR3 8GB (2x4GB) Dual Channel kit with low profile heatspreaders. 9-9-9-24 timings. $30


16GB single stick
Samsung DDR4 3200 dual rank SODIMM - $60

SK Hynix DDR4 3200 dual rank SODIMM - $60

Kingston DDR4 3200 dual rank SODIMM - $60

16GB (2x8GB)

SK Hynix DDR4 2666V SODIMM --- $60

SK Hynix DDR4 2666V SODIMM --- $60

ADATA DDR4 2666V SODIMM --- $60

8GB single sticks

SK Hynix DDR4 2400T SODIMM --- $30

Micron DDR4 2666V SODIMM --- $30

ADATA DDR4 2666V SODIMM --- $30

Kingston DDR4 2666V SODIMM --- $30


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11900k for sale or trade. See first post for details


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new ITX GIGABYTE Z690I AORUS Ultra Plus D4 $265 and used i5-12600 non-k $205

2x8GB DDR3 Corsair gaming RAM still available