FS/FT: BNIN sealed E3-1230v5 & DBS1200SPLR


Nov 11, 2013
looking to sell these parts ive had for about a year, sitting on my shelf, i was going to upgrade my server, but i dont need to and i need the $$ more.

what i have is
1x DBS1200SPLR motherboard it brand new never used still in the box, i did open the box briefly to look at it.
1x E3-1230v5 cpu new sealed in the Intel box with HSF.

looking to get $375 obo shipped for this think i spent about $600 on it a year ago.also looking for some things like a surface pro, or a smaller laptop, obviously older gen to match up with the price, id prfer an early gen Razer laptop, but i dont expect one to be that cheap.
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