FS FFXIV Shadowbringers digital collector's edition EU Region key


Limp Gawd
Nov 3, 2007
It's a long shot, but I got this from GMG and it doesn't work for me because I'm on NA version (you can join any server you want, but your mogstation is still region locked whether EU or NA, mine's NA).

Price: $30

Losing quite a bit selling at this price, just trying to get some money back for buying the wrong version.

I'll provide you with the early access code they gave me along with the activation instructions. If GMG gives me another code later for the official release, I'll provide you that code too as soon as they give me (early access is on 28th June, Official launch is on July 2nd).

Payment Method: Paypal


Please have some heat in order for me to deal with you. PM me if you're interested.