FS: eVGA z68 SLI Motherboard Warranty Replacement


Limp Gawd
Dec 22, 2006
--Here's my Heat, 15-0-0
--I will NOT ship first, regardless of Heat.
--I'll take Paypal (NON-CC ONLY!), or Google Payments, with preference for Google. Vast preference.
--Item will ship the day I receive payment, if it's early enough, the next business day if not.
-- Not accepting trades
-- Please don't lowball
-- If you look, please bump! :) Thanks!

z68 SLI motherboard. This board is a warranty replacement from evga, and has never been used -- when the first one had problems, I simply bought a new one rather than wait for the shipping back and forth. Board is still under warranty, and I would assist (if needed) with a replacement, but I don't anticipate that becoming needful -- in nearly 10 years of buying exclusively evga mobos and video cards, this is the only part I've ever had fail. They make good stuff.

I've opened the box in order to insert all the parts that come with it, (when doing RMA with evga, you ONLY send the board, not the accompanying parts, and that's all they send back), so you'll get those as well (ie, backplate, etc).

Asking $85 shipped to the lower 48.

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