FS: Cruft Cleanout Sale

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Aug 6, 2011
I found a new toy on eBay I want to buy, so this stuff has gotta go fast! Also, a good excuse to clean out my piles of stuff.
I take PayPal, please send to wang9xb17@gmail.com Will also trade for eBay gift cards.

All prices exclude shipping.

1) Foxconn BlackOps + 4GB DDR3 + Core 2 Duo E8500 + Radeon HD4850 - $100. SOLD
Last booted up a couple days ago, working.

2) EP45-UD3P + 4GB OCZ Flex XLC DDR2 + Q9550 + Kingpin Dragon Evo 2.2 LN2 Pot - $220 (back up! previous buyer appears to have fallen through)
This one's a funny one...the board's been modded heavily for DICE use, but I never actually got around to a bench session. The Q9550 should be in great condition, the Dragon Evo is a bit scratched but still usable. The rest of the system has been tested booting as of a couple months back, but no guarantees on that! I'm selling this for a little more than the price of the LN2 pot itself, so its sold AS-IS.

3) Gateway SA1 laptop - $90: Core 2 Duo T5750, 3GB DDR2, 250GB hard drive, 1280x800 screen, Win 7 Enterprise. Slight crack on the bezel, battery holds ~30min charge; other than that, in great condition. Comes with charger. SOLD

4) Q19D Spicy Xeon - 8C/16T 1.6GHz LGA2011, really finicky chip that doesn't want to boot on a lot of boards. I never got the thing to boot on my Asus DP board, but the seller ensured me it was a working chip. $60

5) Supermicro H8QME board - $80: Quad Socket F, perfect for entry-level BigAdv folding!

Take everything left for $300 + shipping.
Heatware under 'bayleyw', not much there - the one neg I have is because of a USPS fuckup, and I eventually gave the buyer a refund.
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