FS: Chaintech 6600 GT 128meg DDR3 PCI-express video card


Mar 29, 2001
I have a brand new (used for about 2 weeks) Chaintech Geforce 6 6600 GT 128 meg DDR3 PCI-Express SLI ready video card to sell. Its in mint condition, all items included, original box included. Everything is unused (including software!) excep for the card itself which has been plugged in for about 2 weeks.
Since I got a PM asking me if I modded it, no I have not modded it in any way. Mint condition as in nothing done to it, barely even used.

Product specs link is below

One of the reasons I chose this card was because its one of the few cards I found under $200 that have ram heatsinks on it. And it has a blue PCB. I was going for blue parts and stuff. I was planning on overclocking the card but never got around to it. If you want me to see how high it will overclock, let me know.
The card itself is very nice, I have had no problems with it and I like it. The fan on it is fairly quiet as well, much quieter than other graphics cards I've had.

I'm selling it because the place I purchased it from has a 30% restocking fee (DOH!) and because I decided I want to try and go for an entirely passive system on all the main components. I want to get a fanless thermaltake CL-P0071 Sonic Tower for the CPU, giga-byte passive version of the 6600 GT even though its a little more expensive. I've already modded the motherboard fan with a passive heatsink. My loss is your gain.

The card has One DVI and one analog VGA port. It comes with an adapter to go from DVI to VGA if you want to run dual monitors and dont have a DVI monitor. It comes with the little dongle device that splits up the output into differant parts, SVGA, RCA, composite are all on there.

It also comes with a bunch of software which I have not used. I have also not used any of the serial numbers on the software.
The software list is:
Painkiller Full Version 3 cds
Driver/ Util disk
DVD utils disk with: WinDVD 5, WinDVD creator 2, WinRip 2.1, DVD copy 2 Lite, Home Theatre 2.1 Lite

It also comes with this game pack cd. I dont know if the stuff is full versions or not, I can install it and see if you are interested. It contains: Age of Wonders 2, Serious Same SE, Rally Trophy, Max Payne 1, Tropico.

For now, I'm going to call it $155 shipped. If you find a place that has it cheaper online let me know, I'm also open to a bit of negotiation. I will ship it probably Fedex.Feel free to post any questions or send me a PM.

BTW, I have a spare unused HL2 coupon from those monarch deals. For an extra $20 you can have HL2 and CS:S and HL2 DM. I haven't seen HL2 selling for less than $40 or $50, and it will show off this graphics card like you wouldn't belive. I know, I've played hl2 on it.
I think I also have a farcry DVD with unused serial around here somewhere, let me know if you are interested in that too.

Forgot to post some references:

Heat: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=2301
Paypal verified: http://www.paypal.com/verified/pal=wlhyt@pacbell.net
Ebay Feedback: http://cgi2.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=wlhyt


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Jan 28, 2003
I want to buy this card, or trade a 6200 modded to a 6600 plus cash for it.