FS Blocked 1080FTW, watercooling, Custom Corsair 540 Air


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Jun 4, 2007
Heat is under scgt1 w/ 123+

Local is DFW area (Arlington to be specific)

Between just finishing EDGE back in December and Carnage last weekend I can't think of anything I would need in trade so just looking for cash on everything.

1. EVGA GTX 1080 FTW (6286-RX) w/ EK block and backplate
Ran in SLI in Project Red until September 2019. Was torn down to make EDGE and has been boxed in the closet since. When I powered it up for photos Malwarebytes was screaming it was outdated by 96 days if that tells you how much use it actually got. Had a 2070 in my daily/Plex server so I spent most of my time on it. Previous owner neglected to properly package so the stock backplate was against the stock hsf leaving it dented and scuffed up. If your like me and buying a blocked card you don't care about the stock hsf setup anyway. With the above said there is some scuffing to the blocks finish also as it wasn't properly protected for shipping either. (SEE PHOTOS) I can take more if needed. Was ran with only distilled and PT Nuke since I've had it and temps were never over 45C. I only have a few Timespy runs from when I first installed the card since it seems they no longer keep a ton of runs in history and I was benching 2070s before I noticed the 1080 runs were disappearing.

I still have the EK FC 1 slot terminal and if your going SLI and need it add $20 to the below price. I sell the rare 1 slot HB bridges on Ebay for the premium they bring so I won't even mention the 2 I have.

Card photos

1 slot FC Terminal photos (3rd has new timestamp)
Looking for $380 local $400 shipped add $20 to either if you want the FC terminal

2. Assortment of matte black Barrow and Corsair fittings NEW
All are brand new with most being still sealed. None of the open ones have seen any fluid. There are multiple Barrow fittings and adapters with 1 3/8 1/2 Barrow compression and 8 Corsair 3/8 1/2 compression fittings. (Essentially these are Bitspower without the logo on the collar since they make Corsair fittings. Therefore they are a perfect match to the newer BP compressions minus the collar logo) Got all these with the intention of using them but ran into a BP fitting lot and already had some BP fittings so ended up not using these. THE FOLLOWING BARROW FITTINGS ARE SOLD PRICE HAS BEEN ADJUSTED TO REFLECT: Shut off valve, T fitting, and all extension fittings.
Retail on the remaining fittings after any promos is $143.36 Looking for $125 shipped and if you find a lower retail "NEW" in stock and shipped price I'll beat it

4. EK Anticyclone (tall) for XRES X3
Purchased this with intention of using it in EDGE but the mounting tab on the bottom was too thin for my pump top. So make sure you have the thin channel and not the fat ones or you'll be just like me. See photos for the comparison this one is pictured on the left.
Retail is $5.99 + shipping. Looking for $5

5. PrimoChill Enhanced D5 12V Pump Motor - PWM Enabled
Got in a bundle deal and was only after the RGB top, res top, o-rings, locking ring, and mounting hardware. Pump worked just find when I tested it before pulling the assembly apart. See item 5 for a possible combo provided you purchase the extra missing parts from EK or wherever.
Retail for around $80-$90+ shipping Looking for $70 shipped

6. Custom powder coated and painted Corsair Carbide Air 540 w/ complete DEMCiflex filter set
Case served me well as Project Red. The mobo tray and PCI slot covers are powder coated while the fan grills are just painted due to them barely clearing the panels as it was. Powder would have made them too thick for the panels to go on properly. The case is modified for the ability to have external cooling along with the rear psu compartment floor being drilled to mount dual MCP355 pumps. I started this build with dual MCP355 pumps until one burned up due to lack of a heatsink. Newb lessons! I then installed a single loop with EK X-RES Revo 100 installed above the SSD cages mounted to the rear panel. The case is setup with a fill port installed above the psu compartment and is positioned for a G1/4 90 degree fitting from the fill port to another 90 degree fitting in the top of a Revo reservoir. There are tubing pass through setups in both the rear panel of the main compartment and the rear panel of the PSU compartment. The round grommets have seen better days and I think one was missing. So configuration options are very open. There is also a complete DEMCiflex Corsair Carbide Air 540 filter kit included that has done wonders for keeping the interior dust free. Case was reassembled with white rivets to match the color theme of the build. Side panel window probably has some swirl marks here and there from cleaning over time as any acrylic window does.

Case photos

More photos with Project Red showing the case
Case retails for $155 + tax at Newegg ($167.39 w/ 8% tax) Filter kit retails for $80.24 shipped from Demcifilter for a retail total of case and filters alone $247.36 and there is $150 in prep and powder coating done to the case which comes to $397.63 Looking for $180 local or $215 shipped
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Nov 27, 2011
If I didn't already have a similar-themed 540, I'd be all over this one in a heartbeat !

Nice job & GLWS :D
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