FS: Backlit WASD & Logitech mechanical keyboards, cheap DDR4 (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

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Thug Esquire

May 4, 2005

My HeatWare Feedback

All prices listed above are for payments via Google Wallet and Zelle. In a pinch can also accept Newegg & B&H Photo Video gift cards at 75% face value. Not currently seeking any trades at this time.
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Bump cause we get signal.
Are the prices shipped prices? Do you take paypal?
Generally speaking prices are shipped. I take PayPal but the prices above are for Google Wallet and Zelle. PM for details.
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I wish that WASD code was an 87 and I would jump on it. Great price for the full size, glws.
Wow nice 10G card, you upgrading to higher speeds?
I am still using 10G but my new computer came with it onboard. I was using it previously to give my main rig 10-gig. I might reuse the addon card in an ESXi server, or something. But let me know if you're interested!
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