FS: ATI x700 Pro 256mb, Zalman VGA waterblock, Intel Pentium D 820 w/ mobo and win 2k


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Aug 18, 2004
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Plz dont send me lowball with PMs

all prices are VERY negotiable!!!

Intel® Pentium® D processor 820 (Used under water cooling, comes with the new original fan, never overclocked)
Intel® Desktop Board D945PSN (Used with all accessories)
Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition (Brand new unregistered) - 5 user license

all yours for 630 bux shipped!! , OBO - iam VERY negotiable.


Zalman ZM-GWB2 Low Profile Video Card Water Block (10 / 9 / 8mm ID) w/ ram sinks
so, like new, includes everything, ull need new glue for the heatsinks - u mite need new glue for the Heatsinks as the heat tape on em is weak.

http://www.frozencpu.com/ex-blc-238.html?id=SHBMMBeY - looks exactly like that comes with everything pictured.

20 bux shipped


ATI x700 PCI-Express Pro 256mb with box and all accessories. Like New.
comes with box, manual, driver CD, etc

80 shipped


I ship to UK,Canada and offcorse the US of A. UK and canada have to pay extra for shipping. Please PM me your zipcode for rates

SOLD ITEMS: Asus 7800 gtx TOP256mb 310 shipped with EVERYTHING SOLD TO scopey42

Sony PSP firmware 1.5 + extras 420$ on eBay

Motorola RAZR v3c 25$ on eBay

ebay - cheapest_deals
email - [email protected]
aim - freeezeee

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now included a USB 2.0 Sandick mobilemate MS+ reads all of the sony cards, even read the duo pros without the need for that adapter. valued @ 25 bucks.
" leting it go for 350 shipped via fedex "

Nice Card & a BUMP for you!

I thought you've got 2 buyers waiting inline for your 7800GTX TOP already when you PMed me a day or so ago ??? :confused:

Anyway, Here's a BUMP!
prices DROPPED from 800 bux for the intel mobo and stuff to 630!!!