FS: AMD White Water Block, '86 Chevette Heater Core


Limp Gawd
Aug 16, 2003
Hello all, bought these items not too long ago in hopes that I'd make some sort of godly mod machine, ended up hardly using these. Nothing is wrong with them and they are both in mint shape.

AMD PolyTopped White Water block...$35 shipped

'86 Chevette Heater Core with added 1/2" barbs...$30 shipped

I also have this Eheim 1250 that I'll sell for $20 plus shipping. It's missing the impeller housing but the motor runs great.

If you buy both the block and heatercore, I will add in extra tubing and hose clamps free of charge.

These items need to go fast!! I need some holiday bills paid off.

PM me with questions.
bump for sweet lookin a64 cooling system, if hadnt just gotten my xp-90 might jump on this...