FS: 7900 XTX Red Devil LTD with Limited Edition Backplate

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Jul 26, 2005
Power Color Red Devil 7900 XTX Limited Edition with limited edition backplate- SOLD

  • Works flawlessly. Comes with original box and accessories.
  • Purchased from Newegg on release day. It's in my rig now. Fantastic card.
  • Has spent most of it's time on Warzone 2 and editing in Davinci Resolve
  • This one is 7XX of 1500
  • Runs very cool. I run it at 1120mv with a custom fan curve and it matches my previous 4090 in Warzone 2 bench at 4k.
  • Card looks very cool - much neater than my phone camera can grab while it's lit up in the case.
  • custom back plate has TINY scratch from my ram cooler. tried to capture it in photo, very tough to pickup


  • Prices are shipped CONUS via UPS. My prices cover up to $50 shipping - you will need to pay more if it costs more.
  • Will not ship to PO Boxes (UPS voids guarantees when doing so). Will not ship to forwarding services.
  • NO CHAT, pm only please
  • please post reply before messaging
I have over tons of feedback between here, ebay, heatware, head-fi, etc. Well over 300 positive transactions.

Let me know if you have questions. Thanks for looking!
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Bump for those looking for WZ2 fps or crazy rendering in Davinci Resolve
Bump for you, going back to the green camp?
Nah, not right now. Tinkering with a 7900xt until I can get a nitro. Neverending lol
I hear that, I’ve got a 310 MERC sitting NIB while I decide if I really feel like modding a reference waterblock to fit on there or I’ll end up going 4090.

The struggle, it’s real.
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