FS 775 mobos - 6gigs DDR2 PC6400 - KVM - HSF

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Aug 29, 2005
Make me a offer. Can't no more than say no!
USPS money order or Paypal only. I will not ship first. I will leave you heatware.com feedback for all transactions. Heat is under cre8chaos and ebay under akita_nanok . Price DOES NOT include shipping unless noted. I ship to Con-US only plz don't ask for others.
And remember Money talks and BS runs the marathon so no Dibs crap.

Looking for 2x 8800 Gt - GTs - GTX video cards only at this time.

Every thing in excellent condition. All tested working right before the pics was taken.




4794/D470W Laptop 17" wide screen - 2.4ghz ht P4 - 2x 512mb ram - combo drive (dvd-cdrw) - no dead/stuck pixels - Ati 9000 - Battery holds around 3.5 hours watching dvd's and surfing the net. 60g HD. No OS installed but I will include a disk with drivers. Here is a review by cNet on it. Hella lappy if you are looking for a desktop replacement. $700 shipped (will be close to $50 to ship. Local pick up ok in Newark, OH)


OCZ PSU Link $75.00


BioStar TForce P965 Link $75


KTC 4 port KVM w/ 4x10' cables $50 shipped


Water cooling loop. Swiftech 6002a water block (939 & 478 included more on there site) Laning D5 Vario pump - Danger Den 875 chip block but I had it on my Gigabyte S3 and a extra top is included to mod to your chip. - Danger Den 5.1/4 bay res w/ 3 barbs - Hardware Labs 120.3 w/ 3 yates loon 120 fans. The Rad and fans are only tested for 24 hours and then sit on the shelf. Pump is about 60 days of use and the rest is used but in good condition. All put together this is a cool loop. $160 shipped and that is a great price! Add $10 for the Tygon tubing to complete the loop.


Swiftech 6002a w/ 973 hold down.(yes I know it is the 478 in the pic) Used but in good condition. has the step up on the top for different sockets. $23 shipped


Little over 7-8 feet of Tygon tubing. 1/2" unused $17 shipped Or $10 added to the loop package.

PCI Nvidia FX5500 Link $22.00 (sold)

Pci-e Evga 6600 Link $45.00 (Sold)

Gigabyte S3 Link $75 (Sold)

GSkill BNQ DDR2 800 Link $40 Shipped (Sold)

Mushkin Green DDR2 800Link $40 shipped (Sold)

Thermaltake 4-in-1 heatpipe Link $35 shipped Keeping

Masscool 92mm Heatpipe Link No longer selling my clan member needs it

Seagate Barracuda 250gb 7200.10 Pata OEM used 5 days Link $40 shipped (sold to bravotsx / OCEF)

Ultra V 24/20 400wt $24 shipped (sold)
how big is that seagate drive in gb's? i didn't see it listed, and your link for it isn't working for me.

link is wrong under the mushkin. what is the serial number on the mushkin??
Darn, I would have loved those GSkill BNQ sticks.

O well, bump for you!
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