FS: 6x 1070GTX Mining Rig Ethereum 188Mh/s

Sep 14, 2009

Local sale/cash only. I'm based out of Woodbridge, NJ.

Build is less than one month old. Can provide receipts if necessary. All parts except motherboard were purchased new. All original boxes will be provided.

I have only mined Ethereum with this. Temps average around 40-44c in my house. Wattage around 725. Has been stable with 0 crashes running at 188mh/s.

5x EVGA GTX 1070 SC
1x EVGA GTX 1070 SC Black Edition
Windows 10 Home (Amazon digital purchase)
Kingston Hyper X Fury 4gb DDR3
Mintcell 6pack Risers. (This build does NOT use molex to sata connectors, I run molex directly from the PSU)
Corsair HXI 1200w Platinum
Intel G1840 Celeron
Drevo X1 60GB SSD
ASrock H97 Anniversay edition
USB Wireless device
Case is an open frame metal/wood build from eBay.

This build will be sold intact. The cable management is already complete and this computer is ready to mine once you configure your miner settings. I will provide same MSI Afterburner settings i used to achieve 188Mh/s. Comes with free box fan if desired.




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