FS: 512GB Steam Deck, Silicon Lottery i7 8700k, Gigabyte Z370 motherboard prices lowered regularly until sold

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Logan M

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Nov 25, 2016
/SOLD i5 8400 comes with stock cooler if you want it. I've owned it since new and just used it for playing games before upgrading to 8700k.
$61 shipped /SOLD

/SOLD I bought the i7 8700k from a member here. It is a Silicon Lottery picked processor that came with the little authentication sheet. I didn't really push it and YMMV but in the motherboard below I was able to run 4.9 ghz all core with a slight undervolt and 5.1 ghz all core at stock voltage. Its a monster overclocker if you're looking for something to tweak.
$140 shipped /SOLD

/SOLD Gigabyte Z370p D3 motherboard. Has been totally stable with 0 issues. Has been used for slight overclocking on the 8700k above but nothing serious. I prefer my systems quiet and stable rather than pushed to the ragged edge.
$70 shipped /SOLD

Willing to do a combo price for the motherboard and CPU together if you want both.

/SOLD 512 GB Steam Deck. I preordered when they first came out. My job has changed significantly since then so I don't spend nights on the road anymore. Its such a neat little device but I just never use it. Since new its probably got sub 20 hours of play time on it. Comes with case and original charger.
$548 shipped /SOLD

Payment is accepted through Paypal. F&F or G&S but if you want G&S you pay the difference. Only trades interested in are for high end 32gb ddr4 kits. I have heatware under Malaziel as well as trader reputation on Overclock.net. Thanks for looking.
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