FS: 2xGTX480, 2x5870, HX1000, Intel 160GB G2 SSD


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Jan 18, 2005
Hello all,

I've got some high end items up for sale. Heatware is under JJU357. Prices are somewhat firm, but it doesn't hurt to make an offer, worst I can do is say no. Pictures can be found here http://img823.yfrog.com/gal.php?g=20101001211043619.jpg

eVGA GTX480 - $310 Shipped
This card was used for 2 weeks before I decided I needed a slightly less powerful space heater. Pretty much in BRAND NEW condition. Comes with retail box and all accys Registered for lifetime warranty.

XFX 5870 - $240 Shipped
These cards were used for about a month before I decided to go with my current 5970. Also in pretty much BRAND NEW condition. Comes with retail box and all accys. Also registered for lifetime warranty.

**SOLD**Corsair HX1000W Modular Power Supply - $165 Shipped **SOLD**
Used for 2 months until I got my 980x and the 480s, which moved me to a Antec 1200. Once again in almost brand new condition. Still under the 5 year warranty. Comes with retail box and all accys.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions I neglected to answer above.

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Bump for good prices. I wish I wasn't unemployed or I'd be grabbing something from here!
The GTX 480 is only 2 weeks old? Couldn't you try to return it, or step it up to a GTX 580 with EVGA's program?
Dang bro I wish my rig was functional I'd take that 5870 off of u quick!!!!!!!!!!

Bump for ya anyways though
don`t want to respond to pm`s:confused:.np i`ll buy my 480gtx elsewhere