FS: (2) S21 Ultra 128gb

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Aug 6, 2000
I have two of them. Both bought from T-Mobile. Fully paid off. No issues at all. Upgraded to Pixel 7 Pros and never got around to selling them.

Both 128gb. One Black and One Silver.

Asking $350 shipped Each, you pay PP fees.
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Condition is mint, paid off so the phones are unlocked.

I will upload some pictures soon. Haven't got the chance to take them.

Phones had screen protectors that I just removed since they were on since the day the phones were bought and were not in the best of shapes. Screen on the silver one has 3 faint light lines. Can't capture them on camera as much as I tried. Black one is perfect.
I do have a case that I had on the black one. Didn't think anyone would want it but I can throw it in for free. The silver had a clear case that turned yellow so I threw it away.

No S pen for either. I used the pen from my tab S and it worked perfectly.
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