FS: $1900 in Fry's gift cards


Oct 24, 2007
Heatware: IceRedwing

$1900 (slightly over by a few dollars actually) in Fry's gift card(s), looking for $1700.

I'll consider 2 laptops (lower end) for cheap towards the cards.
For some reason I'm wondering how you got gift cards from a Futurama character ;) :D :p

Here, have a free bump for my chuckling.
You're will to trade for two lower end laptops? What kind are you looking for in general?
Not sure if you're misinterpreting or not, but I'm fairly sure he's looking at a lot of cash on top of the two low end laptops.
what he said, not looking to give away 1900 worth of gift cards for something i can get by just using them at frys
You put in card(s). Do you have multiple cards? If so, what denominations? I need to pickup a Lego robot for my son..
have you looked at sites like plastic jungle which you can sell for amazon money or cash via paypal?
i might be interested in the $500 one (if u can work out a partial trade)