From The Tower 900 to a Lian Li DK-05F


Jun 7, 2004
I've wanted this case and a standing desk for a while now and I found a guy on Facebook marketplace selling one for an unbelievable price no too far from me. The seller also included all the fittings I could ever use, new hard tubing, both EX distro plates and pumps made specifically for this case and much more.

I went from The Tower 900:


To the DK-05F:



The entire build took me about 3 weekends to transfer my stuff from the tower 900, measuring and cutting tubing, getting new fans that I didn't have to get (the seller forgot to include the power cables from the uni 120 fans that were included and then he mailed them to me), pressure testing everything, getting a few missing parts from Lian-Li that were missing and finally putting everything together. I only have one system in it so far, but I'm on the lookout for a cheap combo.

More pics:




Putting the desk back together was not too bad, tons of screws and whatnot. The desk goes really low to very high and has 4 memory buttons. I'm very happy with this setup even though it is very expensive. The DK-05F costs about $2300 new and you still need pumps, fans, distro plates, etc, but the seller included everything for far less than retail. An excellent standing desk and an awesome computer case, what's not to love?


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I ended up putting a low powered computer on the other side of this desk pc:


This side is a Ryzen 5 5600X with 32GB of RAM and a RTX 2070, all air cooled. If I get something faster, I'll convert to water cooling for this side. I use the water cooling side for gaming and this side for browsing/youtube/etc.

The radiator is not in use and I'll clean it later. ;)