Friend having connection problems on XP SP2


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 3, 2002
Alright, I'll try to be as descriptive of the problem as possible, but since I don't use XP I can't really know what solutions to suggest to him. He just moved into college, and he's been having massive program connectivity problems...he can sign onto AIM for all of a minute or two before it kicks him off again. He says pretty much every program has similar problems; Internet Explorer will work fine but then start timing out after a couple of minutes, Warcraft 3 will connect to a server but then disconnect after a couple of minutes. I've tried having him disable Windows Firewall completely, thinking that was the problem, but evidently no dice. He's not on a router, it's a straight connection into Virginia Tech's network...I'm fairly sure it's not a network-wide problem, because he can get on his roommate's computer and stay connected for hours at a time.

Anybody know what might be causing this problem?


Oct 25, 2002
did the problems just start after the SP2 upgrade? if so, i would uninstall SP2 and reinstall it. make sure he has some sort of current anti-virus running, sort sounds like a variation on the nimda virus (IIRC or was it the blaster that disconnected you?) also has he tried switching the ports his workstation and his roomates workstation are pluged in to?