Freeware Remote Reboot Tool?


Apr 24, 2002
I am looking for a tool to reboot a batch of Windows 2k3 based servers remotely for our monthly patching. I am well aware of the 'shutdown' command line tool and use it in a batch file currently. The problem with this is there is not easy way to verify the machine actually rebooted and is back up. My current method is a batch file that sends a shutdown command to the remote machine and then launches a separate ping loop window. This is somewhat effective, but requires hawk eyes on my part to catch the timeouts.

What I would like is a windowed dashboard that basically puts a green light or check mark next to a PC and verifies the success of the reboot for me. Does anything like this exist?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 9, 2002
I have an app at home (on vaca now) that you enter a list of machines into, and it shows a red/green status for the connection to that machine.
I use the default C$ share as the 'connection' to the machine, its a small app, under 1mb in size, Ill be home in a few days and can zip/upload it for DL if you want.
Jan 25, 2007
You can also use pstools to reboot machines remotely, but it is a command line only thing. I would look into snmp monitoring/traps for up/down status and uptimes. If you know WMI, you can remotely ask for the uptime. Google WMI + uptime. First link gives you a script to do this. Also google WMI code creator. Enjoy!