FreeNAS storage reorganization and expansion plan


[H]F Junkie
Sep 25, 2003
I currently have the following system:
  • SuperMicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F
  • 128GB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 9207-4i4e
  • CSE 846 chassis
  • BPN-SAS2-846EL1 backplane
  • 2x80GB SSD mirror boot
  • 24x8TB

  • Chenbro RM31616 as JBOD
  • RES2SV240

Storage is currently configured as follows:
  • 2x 1 pool with 12x RAIDZ3 vdev
  • Tank1 is using 45TB of 61.2TB
  • Tank2 is using 32TB of 61.2TB

I want to add 6x 12TB via the JBOD chassis and reconfigure everything to 1 pool.
  1. Create new pool (Tank3) with 6x 12TB in RAIDZ2 (48TB before formatting)
  2. Move data from Tank2 to Tank3
  3. Dismantle Tank2
  4. Expand Tank3 using disks from Tank2 as 2x 6-disk RAIDZ2 vdev
  5. Move Data from Tank1 to Tank3
  6. Dismantle Tank1
  7. Expand Tank3 using disks from Tank1 as 2x 6-disk RAIDZ2 vdev

Final configuration
  • 4x 6-disk RAIDZ2 (8TB disks)
  • 1x 6-disk RAIDZ2 (12TB disks)
  • =176TB before formatting/overhead
  • 10 open slots for future expansions, likely via another 1x 6-disk RAIDZ2 (12-14TB disks)

Any advice? Does this look like an optimal plan/configuration? Thanks


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