Free stuff - NYC/Long Island

Sep 7, 2004
Just curious...anyone local that is still running triple channel memory? Let me know what you're currently running and I might have something else up my sleeve.... ;)

I have the following for local pickup only:

Gigbayte x58 LGA 1366 UD7 Mobo - > Pending Pickup -> Gone!
3x2gb 6gb Corsair Dominator triple channel set - > Pending Pickup -> Gone!
i7 930 CPU & Megahalems CPU Cooler - > Pending Pickup -> Gone!
EVGA 480GTX Video Card - > Pending Pickup -> Gone!
PNY 7800 GT Video Card - > Pending Pickup -> Gone!
EVGA 8800GTX Video Card -> Pending pickup.... -> Gone!
These are all in working condition as far as I know. Anyone want them let me know, it's yours for free. Preferably students who have no source of income welcome or maybe you're just looking to build a functional computer for a younger friend or family member and need some parts? :)
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Wow all I can say is I have not seen any generosity matched by this on this forum :D

It's people like you who give me hope for the human race!
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Just wanted to say thanks for doing this! Whoever ends up with them will be lucky! :)
Sorry folks Mobo, cpu, ram, 480Gtx and megahalems cooler has been picked up! 8800gtx picked up...

7800gt pending pickup...
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As a fellow New Yorker, good on you. Most of us are known to be assholes. I know I have my moments :D.