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Love Directron. One of my go to sites. Bought a micro atx case for my mom and a bunch of other stuff.
In for my slim chance.

A nice welcome to the [c]ommunity if I must say so. I can't say that I've ever shopped there personally, but I've never really heard anything bad about them.. I don't know how accurate an $18 monitor will be, but would be nice to fool around with anyway.

(too lazy to search through 12 pages (@40ppp....), so this has probably already been said)

And a VERY BIG PLUS for those of us in CA - Directron is one of the seemingly few that ISN'T in either So or Nor Cal (yay no sales tax for once! :p) - Texas as I recall? (ninja edit - yep - Houston)
Welcome to [H] Directron! Your tour guide pimps await you. :D

About time the [H] and Directron linked up - both based in TX, and both leave me feeling good about myself when I'm finished there.
Count me in! I have been ordering from Directron for a long time anyways, so them becoming a sponsor is good news to me.
Count my post in on the Kyle Method please!
Been a while directron,
I remember a time when the name Directron was edited out here in the forum in every post by one of the moderators, thats a long time ago. :rolleyes:
Thank you for sponsoring a great site, you are in for a great ride. Count me in.
Count me in... and welcome back to the [H]. If memory serves me right they used to advertise here a few years ago.

... then again, my memory is like swiss cheese these days due to my old age, and I'm probably imagining the whole thing. :D
Ordered quite a few things from Directron, an excellent store. I've always received very fast shipping with 0 problems. Great deal here!
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