Free Johnny Walker Valet Tray

Oct 2, 2001

You are cordially invited to join the Striding Man Society.
Register on line and receive a Johnny Walker Valet Tray
Cool thanks. I guess I'll see if this actually comes to Kansas. (Home to strange liquor laws)
yeah i forgot i had signed up for it and I got mine today also now my keys have a home :)
got mine yesterday. i had no idea what it was . till i read the little paper inside.
TrailerTrashPrincess said:
i got this today,i didnt know what it was-kinda dissapointed-but it was free

same... I had to come here to find out what they sent :)


I couldnt figure out what the hell I signed up for when I got this in the mail yesterday. Its a very simple thing tho, just snap the buttons together and viola, a 1 drink tray LOL.
I got mine about a week back in the mail, not really worth paying for but since it was free :) It makes a good place to keep spare change.
Also got mine yesterday, very useful and looks great. One of the best free products i have recieved. I would actually buy this if it wa being sold at a store.
I got mine, once you get past the rubber smell, it makes a great holder for my Gameboy SP and other misc stuff in the computer room.