Free cloud storage--> Copy(app, the name of it is Copy)

I am bumping this as I just learned about Copy from a Barracuda rep today (I guess Barracuda owns them now.)
15GB of free storage? I'm in. My free 50GB DropBox storage courtesy of Samsung is expiring anyways.
Found a new cloud storage app called Copy, that starts you off with 10gb free, & once you confirm your email & install the android, iOS, or pc client companion, it gives you another 5gb free. Much bigger file size uploads & doesn't expire(like dropbox). 15gb for free, can't beat that!
It works on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, & Mac

If anyone wants to use my link that would be awesome!

THANKS OP!. (are you hitting the 300Gb by now?)

Use this referral code & we both get 5gb free-