Fractal Design R4 $60

Wow, this a great little case, especially with the updated support for 240/280mm AIO WC units..Kinda hard to beat for $60!
Comes up to almost $100 bucks shipped for me with that code. Unless I am missing something here deal is dead.
You are not alone, i have been kicking myself all day for the same reason. Though i waited hoping a deal was forthcoming for one without a window.
excellent case, i have 2 and they are awesome

also here to brag that i picked up this R4 and an XL R2 together for $60 on CL, very awesome :)
I am happy with my mint condition R3 at home and refurb Corsair 300R I just got at work. That said, this is a great deal if I did not already have what I have.
hmmm....I need a new case but I'm not sure if I should bite or not. At $60 I would've bought it but I was at work =/