Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

My aging 8800GTS 640MB needs an upgrade! (and I have a PSU to handle it; I think). :D

Woohoo! :)

Because I have several monitors sitting in boxes and just a lousy 9500 in the only box that maters. :(
Id love to give my sis a new FX-card shes so out dated that my old 5850 will seem like a gift from heaven when i pop the 580 int my machine :D
I'm picking up a new 70" TV at the end of this month. I need something to push games on it.
Because I really need a new video card and I would like to play the newest games out there.
I'm running on a 460 768meg. I need to update for the new games! How can I be [H]ardOCP if I don't have the latest and greatest?
Yo! I posted. Maybe i get lucky and finally go Nvidia for the first time since Geforce 2 gts.
My precious err I mean I could use one to do productive things umm yeah that's it.
Wow, that card is a monster. Which is to say that I imagine it sneaking into the bedrooms of naughty children and eating them. Which is to say that I barricaded my bedroom closet door as a child out of fear of this video card.
I work for a company doing Space Shuttle support and my job will be going away soon so I couldnt afford a decent video card myself.
My current video card is almost old enough to vote (an nvidia 9800gt).