Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

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I want a new Galaxy 570 MDT because the one I am using is a 5770 ati card and I am building a computer for my mom for christmas and she gets this card and I need something in mine. A 570 would perfectly fit the bill.
New computer needs a new videocard and not the old hand-me-down that got thrown in there. Did a pretty good job and served its purpose but maybe it can go to a new home now if something bright and shiny shows up on the doorstep.
I want a new Galaxy video card because I gave my little brother my video card after his died so he could play the games he got for his birthday (Skyrim), so now I'm on integrated graphics (HD3000) and I could really use a new video card rather than shelling out for one, especially around the holidays.
Skyrim is truly an amazing game.
I can't afford replacement for my 8800GTS to enjoy it :(
Because Galaxy cards are out of this world.

/Thick layer of Cheese
my current card is old plus Galaxy is a cool, spacey kind of name
I would like a new Galaxy video card, because I must SAVE the Galaxy - in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Without it, the Galaxy is doomed...
I want a new Galaxy card vehicle I currently have a Gulftown based desktop without a video card right now. I am gaming on my Xbox and desperately need to get back into PC gaming.
I had a Galaxy 460GTX that was fantastic, now I need to upgrade to a new card with more power. I would love another Galaxy card!
because the Christmas holiday is going to be nonexistent this year, this would put a smile on my face :)
think its time for me to get back into gaming. This would help me get the ball rolling.
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