Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

Triple HD Projectors would make for an amazing HT setup, this card would be perfect for that machine.
My GTX 280 is certainly showing it's age lately, but I have no money for a new card or system with all the Christmas presents I must buy for family and friends. A new Galaxy 560 MDT would be an awesome gift to myself (especially a free one!)
Who wouldn't want good, solid, multi-display capability from a single video card that is also good for gaming? For work & play! :D
I am building a new rig next month when I get home from orders, would love to have some Galaxy in it!
Count me in. My 4850 is getting a bit long in the tooth and money's too tight to upgrade. I'd love to have higher framerates for BF3, though. :D
To save me some money for a new computer I'm building for my dad as a Christmas present.
I need a new video card and it will be a nvidia card when I finally get one. All my money will be going to my children this holiday season and leaving me and my wants out in the cold. Help a longtime [H]'er out and hook me up with a new Galaxy 560 MDT. Brother can you spare a card?
I have an older system need something new to spice it up! My husband would be jealous!