Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

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i'd love it because i love Galaxy

... hey you stop calling me "brown nose"
Because my 3850 video card sucks some balls. That's about the only reason. I have multiple monitors, if I could power them. :D
Yeah, my computer is about 6 years old and I'm wanting a new everything. I'm putting some money aside each month to pay for a new build. Getting a free vid card would put me months ahead of my current schedule. Just saying. ;)
My HD4850 is in dire need of replacement. Will go along nicely with my e7200 to q9500 upgrade.
Because you can never have enough cards? And a low power secondary monitor card would be nice now and again, or for an office PC.

1) I've never had a Galaxy card
2) I can give it to someone as a Christmas present, since I don't need this particular card
I want a new Galaxy card because I know if I have a problem with it, they will cover warranty issues without much hassle.
I have come to the conclusion that what you post matters far less than the post itself. As I figure numbers are thrown into a hat and whatever the number drawn is the winner. As such I realize the odds are completely against me anyhow, so I figured I would just post some random stupidity anyhow.

So here instead is a Long meaningless epic rant about nothing in general.

x Catriafalafel.

So yeash, I had this total epic weekend to nevah forget ^_^
It was way too awesome.

In Red Link cosplay, I got those nicknames:
~ Link Ofso ('Link something like that')
~ Zwerver (....hobo,, or sumthing.. ... ._. )
~ Kabouter. (.. ..... )
~ Smurf. (...yeah, smurf, even though I wasn't blue .. )
~ Roodkapje (Little red riding hood.)
~ Pindakas (Peanut bttr. ;d. )
~ Puntmuts (pointy hat. xD)

and and and ~Fixii and I were dancing like all the time (Caramelldansen, Caiprinha and WE EVEN DANCED ON SMOOOOCH O.O ..oh and also the macarena with the full group XD) and some guy at a roller coaster was like, LEARN TO DANCE ON THE FORMULE X SONG OTHERWISE YOU GUYS MAY NOT ENTER THIS RIDE ANYMORE.
So we learned a pointless sucking dance :'D

Oh and there was this guy we kept calling GANON since he was really freaky. XD
and and and Ralis became fat and ugly ;3
and there was this guy we called Wrys. Wrys wrys wrys wrys.. xD
Ruto loved instruction manuals
Gorons got female gorons
And Zant was in the DERRRRRRP-Farm. xDDD.

And I got this unepic stalker that we called navi and she was a freak and thanks to ~Fixii I'm getting nightmares of her ;A;

And we had those hilarious quotes...
So don't mind me if I ever say WHAT TEH FUMA.

And brawling with ~Fixii was so funny. xD. like "I'M DYING, SO I START DROOLING." <- Marth.
and I tried to imitate Sheik's impossible made my head hurt.. xDDDD.

one of the most hilarious parts...
in the evening, when it was dark.. Manon started imitating some brawlers.
So ~Fixii and I went along with that, I did it by telling stories as Marth and Ike. (you really don't wanna know how crappy they were. xD "So now I'll be leaving here for 2 years, find a sucking pegasus knight, start loving her and then let her die. And then, I will return being insane because I had to kill some Shadow Dragon guy.". Like LOL ._.)
But but
when I was like imitating Gordin,
Manon joined as TAH EVIL GAST
and ~Fixii as "Extremely Happy Girlish Hair-and-clothes-loving Marth Who Likes To Bitchslap."
This...was defenitely...the most hilarious RL RP I've evar done...I swear....
EPIC POWERS ACTIVATE. *bitchslaps Evil Dude down*
..and when Martha dies? Make sure his hair is right, he'll be alive then.
And whatever you will say to him, he won't listen unless you have your hair good enough for him, and your hands on yar hips. ("YOU'RE FIRED CUZ I DUNN LIKE UR HAIR.") ("Even when you're dead, you have to do it in style.")

And so on.

I'll never forget the epicness...
ARATA X APHRODI <or the way you spell that right!!> FTW.

disclaimer: No I did not write that absurdity, and no you don't want to know where it came from. :D
free stuff is always nice and I could also use a new vid card for htpc as mine died =(
I need to win a new video card because my aging ATI HD3850 struggles like now other to play Skyrim!
I'd like a Galaxy card as I've never owned one. I've heard they're good, but I'd like to try it out for myself. Then I could off this HIS video card. Nothing but fan problems with it. :mad:
I want a new Galaxy card because mt Sapphire 5870 sometimes works like ass
I can use it to build a spare PC for a friend.

Thanks Galaxy, and good luck to the winner.
Another innovative product by Galaxy. I could use this to replace the old PCI video card I use for triple display.
I want a new Galaxy Video Card because I want to currently upgrade my Radeon X1300/X1550 Series card that my computer is currently using. It only supports 1 monitor, I would love to use two monitors to improve workflow.
I've never had a Galaxy branded card before... what better way to check one out than to win it? :D
because galaxy stuff is good for the price. using a galaxy 460 now.
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