Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

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Never owned a Galaxy card before. Winning one for free would be a great way for me to find out how they are ;).
I want one because I support any company that supports its customers with giveaways!
Looking for a refresh and, as with most, no money in the budget to spend on myself for the rest of the year.
I have not tried Galaxy brand cards yet. Give me one, and if it lives up to the standard of the other brands, I will promote Galaxy over the others.
You always need moar screens and moar cards! :D I know I do... Plus it's nice to see companies trying different things!
The last 2 video cards I got were Galaxy. It would be nice not to have to pay for this one! :cool:
I'd love a new video card from Galaxy. With it, I'd play new games, record/watch HD content, and enjoy smooth graphics. Plus, it would be fun to use multiple monitors.
Always heard good things from galaxy and would love to try out one of their products.
I want a new video card because my GTX 460 is looking old or maybe I just need a reason to get a pair of newer cards.
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