Fortnite Growth Continues as over 78 Million Login to Play in August

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  1. cageymaru

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    Apr 10, 2003
    Fortnite has continued on its ridiculous growth pattern as Epic Games has announced that 78.3 million players logged into the game during the month of August. Epic was forced to upgrade their critical infrastructure such as servers and stats as no one could have realistically predicted the momentum that the combination battle royale and base building game has exhibited. Now with the Fall Skirmish season coming around and its $4 million prize pool, the team is dedicated to continuing to fix performance and spectating issues.

    We've invited over 500 Fortnite community creators and competitors and divided them into 5 distinct Clubs. Each player will represent one of these Clubs for the entire 6 weeks of Fall Skirmish. Clubs will be awarded points for each weekly trial and high skill event based on their members' performances. In addition to awarding players with prizes for each event, Clubs will be awarded with $4,000,000 in prizes at the conclusion of the Fall Skirmish series based on total points earned.
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  2. Icon_Charlie

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    Aug 3, 2018
    Okay..... Market speak..... Spin doctoring used by video game companies. Login players does not equate to actual individual players playing as players can login as many times per day as they like. Login players, Registered players, are some of the terms used to inflate their player base numbers.

    The only was you can take something serious that shows a size of a player base are.... Units of game sold to a person OR monthly subscription based as they have actual numbers that can be tracked Marketing Research companies (such as NPD).
    Everything else is inflated to make their game look good.

    And yes Epic games can give you the actual numbers of their size of their player base (since everyone has a unique number assigned to then when they login) but it sounds SO COOL this way to show to imply that 78 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE PLAYED THE GAME AT A CERTAIN TIME PERIOD.

    Except it's not true. 78 million people did not login into this game... they stated 78 million logins...

    See the Difference? Some of the most slimiest people that I have met are those snake oiled sales men coming from a Marketing Department.
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    Dec 17, 2005
    Is it lighter on their servers for a mobile player, or the same?
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    Jul 20, 2015
    Man, I bought and played Fortnite while it was still cool. When it didn't have a PvP mode and only a PvE mode, which was actually fun. Now every kid and his mom is playing the game.
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    Sep 30, 2010
    Actually it sounds like you played it while it was decidedly uncool.
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    Nov 22, 2005
    One of my daughters plays it a lot. It's one of the few video games she plays. She has a few friends she plays the game with.
    I tried it out, was ok. I got my ass handed to me. Dude built up a bunch of boards and shot me as he dropped. I guess I should practice more if I want to get any good at it...
  7. rudy

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    Apr 4, 2004
    While it is true that this is marketing spin units sold is no longer a very accurate number either, in the day and age of microtransactions and free 2 play accounts what exactly is units sold? Same with monthly subscriptions not many games do subscriptions anymore.

    To me as a gamer the most important numbers are 2.
    How much money you made in total. This tells me how much money you have to reinvest in the game or future games of the franchise and how likely you are to do so. If a game makes a lot of money then sooner or later a new game will come out, or in the days of microtransactions they will keep running servers and investing in the game.

    Second and the first most important number to me is concurrent players playing the game at peak time in my region, but its also nice to see that number high at whatever the peak time is. This is the number that actually matters because it tells you right now today or this week or this month in a time frame I care about how many people are playing the game and therefore how many people I have a chance to play with. When a game starts dropping below certain numbers its just too small to find good games, wait times go up, etc.... And when a game is shrinking you gets skill inflation and increases in hackers and decreases in support.

    If I were an active investor I would always demand these 2 numbers be available. As a player I desire something like steam where concurrent is always available.

    What we do know is this, the peak Fortnite players is probably not above 3.4 million as ever since they hit that number and beat PubG they have been quiet about it, but once again we know they know those numbers.
  8. Icon_Charlie

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    Aug 3, 2018
    Rudy Quoted:
    While it is true that this is marketing spin units sold is no longer a very accurate number either, in the day and age of microtransactions and free 2 play accounts what exactly is units sold? Same with monthly subscriptions not many games do subscriptions anymore.


    AS stated previously actual player base numbers are attainable as every time you login you are recorded on their server. But this information is no longer given to by the gaming corporation to the public in order to HIDE the actual core size of their player base. The rest of your comment? Yea I can more or less agree with.

    It's all a gimmick that many corporations does (not just gaming companies) and I do have the marketing formulas to get overall idea on sizes of customer base. This is however proprietary. Also additional information concerning marketing research can be expensive as subscriptions to those marketing research corporations are not cheap.

    It's like paying the yearly $1,800 to $2,000 (then add all other expenditures) going all in for a week or so at the GDC in order to get the real information from game developers. If I want to know something I'm going to have to pay for it.... And I get a tax write off :).

    I don't give anything out free to the masses and/or people who have the money, on things I have paid hardcore money on and put time, sweat, and tears on gaining the data I need to to stay ahead of the rat race.

    I will however at times give tidbits of information for inquiring minds for them to find it for themselves.

    So as I stand on my pile of gold coin waving my base ball bat in the air saying: "You young punks get off of my lawn and find your information yourselves.

    Heh Heh Heh. Back on topic ;)

    Unless a game Company (as well as any other corporation) uses ACTUAL or ACTIVE in their number in sizes of their customer base, OR units sold Such as Overwatch, and/or subscription based such as WarCrack or EVE online ( That is going to probably change since they were bought out recently) any information given by a corporation regarding sizes of their customer base is considered suspect.
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    Aug 4, 2005
    Say what you want , but i`m seeing every child i know these days play this game , almost exclusively .
    i see posters everywhere for this game on the street and tournaments and events in malls and convention centers .
    This game, whether you like it or not , is hot right now and has a huge following

    and how could it not be? its free and available literally on every possible platform including cross-play for most scenarios (barring PS4 & Xbox One)

    and while most of us here will probably will never go for the micro-transaction crap , i hear from a lot of colleagues at work that their kids really press them hard to put down real money.