Fortnite battle royale


Jul 20, 2015
Epic games launcher has 2 factor authentication just as most launchers do, if you turn it on it'll prevent someone from stealing your account easily. It'll take a few matches for the sbmm to fix itself and put you back into lobbies with players around your skill level.

If someone is overbuilding too high, don't hesistate to break their supporting walls with your pickaxe to bring down their entire structure. Usually forces them back to drop back down or take fall damage. You can always go into creative mode to get the hang of building, doesn't have to be anything fancy, sometimes simple is best.

You can get more xp in Team Rumble than regular games, if you want a more casual mode with respawning to play in.

Thanks a bunch for the tips!
The guy who had my account played quite a lot and earned me several seasons worth of goodies, haha. Prob since 2017 - 2020.
I'm probably never going to build in this game, I just want to shoot kids.