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did you forget about Half life 2 deathmatch?

No I didn't I was in the best clan in that game and my team was the winningest team in that game through its history. HL2DM was not shipped with HL2, and when it was announced valve said it would not happen. I was very disappointed because the main reason I bought Half-life 2 was for HL2DM and hundreds if not thousands of Half-life deathmatch, opposing force, and adrenaline gamer players felt the same as me. That was a good lesson in my life not to pre order games you never know what they will do. After release a guy at valve named Adrian Finol actually made HL2DM as a side project in spare time and released it months after the original game shipped, literally the game was supported by the free time of 1 guy. And of course such a side project received very little support from valve and suffered because of it, it was littered with bugs and issues which is kinda sad because HL2DM could have been a phenomenal game no game I know of to this day implemented physics and made them such a core part of the game like HL2DM, just like no game to this day as done something like the Tau cannon and long jump from HLDM.