Ford Reveals Role in Wacky Self-Driving Car Stunt with "Car-Seat Man”

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    Aug 20, 2006
    A new video uploaded to Ford’s YouTube channel has revealed that the automaker was involved with that “driverless” van in Virginia: if you’ll remember, residents were intrigued at the self-driving vehicle but later found that it was actually being driven by a guy dressed up as a car seat. Apparently, it was just an experiment to gather reactions.

    As the self-driving future nears, we’re testing the next phase in autonomous technology to learn how these vehicles can communicate with pedestrians. We worked with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to explore this new development, and see how pedestrians on campus reacted to a vehicle that appeared to be driving itself.
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    Eh... people stare at those road mapping cars with the swirling shit on the roof too, if people see something that looks out of place they tend to stare.
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    "So Ford has designed light patterns to signal what a self-driving car plans to do next."

    "Think of it as a new way for cars to visually communicate, a way that's easy to understand."

    Because that worked out so well last time.

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