Ford and Samsung Announce Lithium-Ion Auto Battery

Going to the actual article, lots of the claims are silly.

They imply that by making a "hybrid battery" that has both Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion, they get a bunch of benefits: the ability to recharge by regenerative braking, and engine auto-stop.

Regenerative braking is just kind of silly to add the extra weight and complexity needed when all you're going to charge is this small of a battery - a conventional alternator works just fine for that.

Is the idea that this would allow for the alternator to be removed completely? Looking around, it seems the alternator only uses ~1HP under load, doesn't seem to be a significant efficiency savings there.
If they offer a version I can put in my GT500 I'll take it. Saving weight is always a good thing! I hope they make these batteries for both existing and new vehicles.
On a good day my car starter pulls about 200A and the engine happily fires up in a couple seconds. Now flip that to a nasty winter day where said starter struggles to turn the engine pulling 400-500A and cranking for 20s to a minute, a LiON (excluding supercaps) will at the least be damaged from such a current draw. Also the amount of cycles that a PbAc battery goes through in its life time far exceeds a typical LiOn and returns the same capacity.

This definitely is a step forward by Ford and Samsung but to put this in production would have required a fair amount of R&D and testing, and even then it is still a combo PbAc/LiOn solution. With super capacitors catching up, almost matching the capacity of a battery (once the graphene based ones hit production), I can easily see them taking over PbAc roll in the car.
The only advantage of Lithium-Ion batteries is that they're lightweight so you can put them in phones and computers. They have the disadvantages that they're expensive, not very durable, don't have many use cycles, aren't heat resistant, and so on.
A lot of cordless drills still use Nickel Cadmium batteries because weight isn't such an issue. And uninterruptible power supplies and backup generators use lead-acid batteries because it doesn't matter how much they weigh.
Your RC models use 4000 watts? How do they get rid of the heat?

more like 3000 ish watts
the motor is out in the air a long with the ESC and the rotor down wash helps
but every thing gets pretty hot still

not mine but its very close

for scale the servos are ~1" wide

that runs on 12 cell 3200mAh Li-po pack made up of two 6 cell packs

the charger i have is also massive it takes 2x server PSUs to power it at 24v to get 1200w
so i can charge packs at once in <1 hour and

these are not toys you see sold in the mall its closer to a flying lawn mower
THIS is my heli 3.2Kw of AWSOME

the thing is if you treat li based batteries well they last a wile and have crazy power out up
and can charge FAST and are light
LiFe is where things are going for stable and safe power. I just replaced my motorcycle batt with another Yuasa Lead acid, but I bet the next time I replace it (5 years or so) Ill be putting in one of these, weight savings are always nice. Glad high tech batteries and super capacitors are being invested in more so these days, lets make em environmentally friendly to produce as well!

thats one thing Li batteries are not
there 4 places in the world that make Li-poly cells and there all in China doesnt help China cornered the world market on rare-earths ether