For Sale: 3 x Laptops


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Sep 24, 2007
For sale are 3 laptops that I've come across in my piles of stuff!

All have been wiped/reset to factory settings with a username of "Admin" + blank password to log on and are running a valid version of Windows 10/11. All laptops come with the appropriate OEM charger (no aftermarket chargers here!).

All laptops have an SSD hard disk of varying sizes. Laptop one came with an NVMe (if I recall correctly), the other two have been swapped in and cloned by me.

Very flexible on price, and discount if you want all three!

Apologies as well on the photos, forgot they had been deleted. They are now visible in the photo links below!

1) HP EliteBook 745 G6
Serial #: 5CG00412L4
Product #: 8TK82UC
Windows Version: Windows 11
Detailed Specs: (This model uses the AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 3500U w/Vega 8 graphics)
Description: Bought used on this [H], replaced with a newer machine I just acquired. Very good laptop in solid condition, newly replaced the battery via warranty about a year ago. Comes with standard charger, but is compatible with most USB-C chargers
NOTE FOR THIS LAPTOP: there is a known issue on these HP laptops (740/745 and 840/845 series) with Realtek sound devices -- Upon a fresh Windows installation, Windows Update will install a broken Realtek driver which will break the sound device. I've installed the CORRECT driver (will include all OEM Drivers in C:\SWSetup) and have set the appropriate group policy/registry key that is required to prevent Windows Update from installing in the future (pictures of the changes are in the link above). In the event that this procedure is not followed, I can PM you a solution to resolve it.
Price: $230 shipped

2) Dell Latitude D6430
Serial #: 9M55XY1
Express Service Code: 20929972249
Windows Version: Windows 10
Detailed Specs:
Description: Acquired from a friend for disposal. Upon boot up determined all the hardware was fine. Well-built business laptop.
Price: $100 shipped

3) Toshiba Satellite C55-B5353
Serial #: XE267026P
Part #: PSCMLU-06201L
Windows Version: Windows 10
Detailed Specs:
Description: Old laptop that we gave to my mom a long time ago. No longer needed, would like it to go to a good home, works well as an around-the-house laptop or something for the kids with a sizeable 15" screen.
Price: $100 shipped
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No e-waste goin on here, way to go ChosenX :)


I used to snatch up old lappers like wildfire, and refurb them just like this, although that was quite a while back when most of my nieces/nephews etc were younger & needed to learn their way around a computer without breakin da bank :D