For anyone that wanna jump on the XT wagon.


Limp Gawd
Oct 24, 2003
My hercules 9800XT running 480/420 on stock cooling:D
My old Asus 9800XT top out @ 430/390:mad:
Hercules has a much better cooler on theres, and I believe is also more expensive yes?
yeah, I just noticed that it was the cheapest one.

I was thinking about getting the Gigabyte card, because it was clocked faster than the others, but if you got that kind of oc out of it. I might just get one of those :). What'd you use to overclock it? I've never oced a video card before
Okay, I had just assumed wrong then. The Hercules 9800 Pro has the orb cooler and therefore can overclock higher. It's more $$$ though.
I use powerstrip to overcloc and i'm loving this cards. there seen to be no end to this. Tested @ 496/430 still good but card getting hotter then i like. Need better cooling so i'm running it 450/400 as of now 24\7.