Foosball With Power Drills

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Dec 31, 1969
This is what happens when you turn a bunch of engineers loose with a foosball table and a handful of electric drills. They could have used cordless screwdrivers instead so they would look more like handles but this is still funny none-the-less.
Stella Artois spotted! Was there something else in the video?
Now make it so that every time you get scored on you have to down a beer can and you've got something!
I don't want my boy playin' none 'o that *foosball*! -- Momma
My god, what a way to fuck up a good foosball table. These people need to learn how to "flip" those handles properly.
Yeah spinning is for lameos... I owned a decent table like this at one time. One of the house rules was no spinning. It's all about a good wrist twist.

Isn't it always? heh