Folding Computers: Upgrade Now From 1080Tis to 2080 Supers, or Wait?


Sep 8, 2005
Ah, the quintessential overclockers', gamers', and Folders' question: Should I upgrade now or wait for the next series of hardware? I'm interested in your thoughts.

I'm a hardcore Folding@Home enthusiast, since 2001. My 'farm' now consists of 6 X 1080Tis, each averaging about 1.3M PPD, for a total of approximately 8.0M PPD. I am considering upgrading now to 6 X 2080 Supers.

Facts, as best I can assess from a lot of looking around:
1080Ti average Folding@Home - 1.3M PPD
2080Ti average - 2.2M PPD
2080 Ti average - 2.9 to 3.0 PPD

2080Tis have amazing Folding performance, but are just too expensive, regardless of my philanthropic spirit for Folding@Home.
Nvidia's Ampere - next series, may be out by "the end of year". Nvidia has not announced production and shipping of the next series. There are only rumors at this time.
Ampere's first entrants may be for the professional market; mainstream may not be out for a couple months to follow that.
Currently, used 1080Tis in good condition can fetch $400, or....? But there resale value might drop way down when the Ampere is released, right?
It may take a while before new and used 2080Ti prices fall after Ampere hits the market.

My calculations:
A transition from 6 X 1080Tis to 6 X 2080 Supers would benefit my farm with a production increase of approximately 5.2M PPD - 8.0M PPD versus 13.2M PPD.

No-frills EVGA 2080 Supers are currently available new for $710 at Newegg. 2080 Tis, well, forget about it.

Sure, no one can tell the future and there are lots of variables at play here. Nevertheless, I'm really interested in your opinions.


[H]ard|DCOTM x4
Jun 22, 2009
I think waiting is your best bet at this point. There is a good chance that the 3000 series may be just as big a gain for DC / Folding as the 2000 series was. Bonus is that if it is not the 2000 series should be available for more reasonable prices used as long as the gaming performance on the new cards is good.


[H]ard DCOTM x3
Mar 2, 2010
Wait, either RTX3xxx or RDNA 2 will be a big jump on the current generation, and if if they are too highly priced then EOL RTX 2xxx cards should drop in price