Fold for the [H]orde and Win!

Exactly 100 people registered it looks like!

1 in 100 chance in winning assuming if everyone follows the rules. Good luck! :)
Am I the only one that thought that you could post your badge at the END of May? I've been folding about 24/7 this month, thinking that since you had to average 4000 PPD for the entire month- registration would happen at the end of the month.

*SLAPS FOREHEAD*:confused:

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The winner of the $100 gift card is: firedfly!
And as a bonus (we had a donation), a second place winner for a corsair HS1 head set BNIB: the_seeker!

Congrats to the winners!

Sorry sc0tty8 :p
Wow! I decided to look and see who won the contest. I was not expecting to see my name there! :)

Thanks guys!
Nice firedfly. So what are you going to get since Newegg does not sell booze or hookers :D
I just called them because the order still is hung.

They say it can take 24 to 48 hours to process a gift card order...... :confused:

/twiddles his thumbs