Flight Club Simulates Space Launches


Mar 3, 2018
KSP may be a great space flight sim, but it's not exactly realistic. If you've ever wanted to simulate a specific launch, developer Declan Murphy created a cool site to do it. Flightclub.io lets you input detailed staging information, specify launch sites, program events at specific times, then watch the whole thing unfold. There's also a page to view live launches.

A video of a falcon heavy test flight can be seen here, and you can run that same simulation via a link to flightclub.io.

Watch the trajectory for SpaceX's first ever Falcon Heavy launch! This mission comprised of 2 reused boosters (previously flown on Thaicom-8 and CRS-9) and a brand new center stage. The side boosters were successfully recovered for a second time, while the center stage failed to land on the ASDS "Of Course I Still Love You". The mission launched Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster to an elliptic orbit reaching deep into the asteroid belt, driven by a Starman in a SpaceX space suit.
like i have stated before, the thing that really got to me about the falcon heavy launch wasnt so much the launch itself, which was AWESOME !!, but how it got no space nerds even interested, even if it was for a brief moment.

Hopefully we will be going back to the moon soon
They may have violated the first (and second) rule of Fight Club, but at least they didn't violate the first (and second) rule of thermodynamics!
With very few mods, KSP is pretty damn realistic too. ;) kOS, FAR, AJE, and RSS Overhaul to get you started.